Classical Music Training for Beat Making

Classical Music

When it comes to music, everyone enjoys it. They want to dance and flow with the music. They want to rock and roll, move their body, and jump with the music. When it comes to classical music it’s different. Classical Music is the type of music that you listen to carefully and think about it. It’s the type of music that provides calmness to your ear, and relaxes you. It has its own scale, chords, timing, rhythm, harmony, and feel. While learning about classical music, you will learn the foundation of music, and the theory behind it.


Classical music, also referred as art music, is the standard music of many countries in the western world. This type of music has been around for centuries and it is the foundation of all music. Although this music is considered by many to be boring, no current genre of music would be here without it. Rock and Roll, Pop, Hip-Hop, Country, and Gospel Music all use scales, chords, and rhythms that come from classical music training. When one thinks of classical music they think of composers like Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach. These men were the equivalent of what we call beat makers today. Classical Music training has been around centuries before these men, but they are the ones you think of when you think of this style of music.

Classical Training for Beat Making


Classical music includes different instruments like violin, flute, horn, trumpets, timpani, double basses and so on. Instrumentation which is also called orchestration is the process of choosing the right instruments for a musical piece. Picking the right instruments will produce the timbres or colors one needs for the composition. When you are classically trained, you know more about the instruments and their proper tuning. This training in instrumentation will give an artist a decisive advantage when composing any type of instrumental. In any sort of musical composition, using the right instrument will give you the best results.

Beat Making with Classical Training

Beat making is an interesting process. One needs to hear lots of music and understand it before trying to create their first beat. If you have an ear for music, beat making can be so much easier and fun. Classical Music Training can give you a major advantage when creating Trap beats, Type beats, or any other style of Rap instrumentals. With the knowledge of this type of training, a beat maker will  know the right scale and chords to fit their beat idea. Besides chords and scales, classical music training also teaches you the rhythm and timing of music. The rhythm keeping elements like drums and percussion are taught in classical music training as well.

Beat Making with Classical Music Training

More Advantages for Beat Making

Classical music training enhances beat making in any style of music. Beat Making can be done without the use of this training, but it will give the composer a definite advantage. This training will help the artist be technically aware of what is going on with the music. Classical Music Training will also allow the beat maker to be able to write down the music on  paper. The advantage of sheet music is that other people can play the music by reading the notes and scales on the paper. They will know the scale, chords, and timing of the composition by what is written. This skill, learned from classical music training, is probably the biggest advantage.